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Some Finiteness Results on Triangular Automorphisms


In this note we prove that every finite collection of connected algebraic subgroups of the group of triangular automorphisms of the affine space generates a connected solvable algebraic subgroup.

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  1. The results of [3] are obtained under the assumption that the ground field has characteristic zero. But it is clear that over any field the first derived subgroup of the group of triangular automorphisms is contained in the group of unitriangular automorphisms, while the \((s+1)\)th derived subgroup fixes the variables \(x_1,\ldots , x_s\); see [3] for details. In particular, the \((n+1)\)th derived subgroup is trivial.


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We thank the referee for useful comments and corrections. Also the first author is grateful to Mikhail Zaidenberg for fruitful discussions and suggestions.


The research was supported by Russian Science Foundation, Grant 19-11-00172.

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The research was supported by Russian Science Foundation, Grant 19-11-00172.

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