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Inequalities for Integrals of the Modified Struve Function of the First Kind II

  • Robert E. GauntEmail author
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Simple inequalities are established for integrals of the type \(\int _0^x \mathrm {e}^{-\gamma t} t^{-\nu } \mathbf {L}_\nu (t)\,\mathrm {d}t\), where \(x>0\), \(0\le \gamma <1\), \(\nu >-\frac{3}{2}\) and \(\mathbf {L}_{\nu }(x)\) is the modified Struve function of the first kind. In most cases, these inequalities are tight in certain limits. As a consequence we deduce a tight double inequality, involving the modified Struve function \(\mathbf {L}_{\nu }(x)\), for a generalized hypergeometric function.


Modified Struve function inequality integral 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 33C10 26D15 



The author is supported by a Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Research Fellowship.


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