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(pq)-Extended Bessel and Modified Bessel Functions of the First Kind


Inspired by certain recent extensions of the Euler’s beta, Gauß hypergeometric and confluent hypergeometric functions (Choi et al. in Honam Math 36(2):339–367, 2014), we introduce (pq)-extended Bessel function \(J_{\nu ,p,q}\), the (pq)-extended modified Bessel function \(I_{\nu ,p,q}\) of the first kind of order \(\nu \) by making use two additional parameters in the integrand, as well as the (pq)-extended Struve \(\mathbf{H}_{\nu ,p,q}\) and the modified Struve \(\mathbf{L}_{\nu ,p,q}\) functions. Systematic investigation of its properties, among others integral representations, bounding inequalites Mellin transforms (for all newly defined Bessel and Struve functions), complete monotonicity, Turán type inequality, associated non-homogeneous differential-difference equations (exclusively for extended Bessel functions) are presented. Brief presentation of another members of Bessel functions family: spherical, ultraspherical, Delerue hyper-Bessel and their modified counterparts and the Wright generalized Bessel function with links to their (pq)-extensions are proposed.

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  • (\(p, q\))-Extended beta function
  • (\(p, q\))-Extended Bessel and modified Bessel functions of the first kind
  • (\(p, q\))-Extended Struve and modified Struve functions
  • Integral representation
  • Bounding inequalities
  • Complete monotonicity
  • Differential–difference equation
  • Turán type inequality

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  • 39B62
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