Simple Electrical Logging Technique for Base Metal Exploration


—It is well known that electrical logs of boreholes can play a signi|fi|cant role in base metal exploration in identifying mineralised zones, especially when there is core loss or the borehole diameter is small or if drilling is by percussion. However, electrical logging is not widely utilised because of the additional burden on finances and time.¶A simple electrical logging technique, based on a pole-pole (hole-to-surface) configuration with one borehole electrode and nearly akin to the single point method, for S.P., resistivity and I.P. parameters, is presented. It is shown that it has the resolution of the single point method and the penetration of a very long normal sonde which is helpful for detection. Besides these features, the main advantage of this technique is that it can be easily carried out using ground I.P. (time domain) equipment.¶The electrical logs obtained in different base metal belts in Rajasthan, India, employing this technique and using ground I.P. equipment in connection with mise-à-la-masse surveys, illustrate the above features. A comparison with logs recorded by means of multi-electrode drill hole I.P. equipment of Scintrex, Canada, substantiates the same.

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Received September 9, 1996, accepted June 5, 1998.

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Pant, P., Gupta, D. Simple Electrical Logging Technique for Base Metal Exploration. Pure appl. geophys. 152, 759–772 (1998).

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  • Key words: Electrical logging technique, base metal exploration, polarisability.