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Engineering Ground Motion Modeling in the Near-Source Regime Using the Specific Barrier Model for Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis

  • C.-C. P. Tsai


—The specific barrier model is used for the first time to simulate ground motion accelerations for the purpose of probabilistic seismic hazard analyses at sites near a dominant fault system. It incorporates the simulation of fault geometry and the relationship between the stress drop and seismic moment to estimate the number of cracks on the fault for the specific barrier model. Radiated direct shear waves are established following Boore’s (1983) procedure. The simulated peak ground accelerations (PGA) are then calibrated by strong-motion data. Basically, the model is of uniform source, and the directivity of the source is not taken into consideration. The results show that the calibrated PGA values are not sensitive to the relationship between the stress drop and seismic moment. However, the calibrated PGA values may increase about 20 percent for sites near the fault when the cut-off frequency, f max , is raised from 5 Hz to 10 Hz. The variability of the simulated ground motion is, in general, smaller than that of the empirical strong-motion data shown in the literature. This may be improved by adding randomness into the parameter of  f max and uncertainties into the empirical relationships adopted in the model. The simulated attenuation curves may be used to judge which types of conventional attenuation equations are better at representing the attenuation of PGA for sites near the fault, especially for large earthquake events.

Key words: Ground motion, seismic hazard, near-source, barrier. 


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