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Thrustbelts: Structural Architecture, Thermal Regimes, and Petroleum Systems, by Michal Nemcok, Steven Schamel, and Rod Gayer, Cambridge University Press, 2005; ISBN-13: 978- 0-521-82294-7 (hardback), USD 190.00, ISBN-10: 0-521-82294-7
  • Marek LewandowskiEmail author

Although some years have passed since “Thrustbelts” was printed, I would like to consider this book. It aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of thrustbelts as a whole, with particular stress given to a better understanding of their hydrocarbon systems. The content of the volume includes the basic concepts, definitions, and mechanics of orogenic thrust belts, transpressional ranges, toe thrust, and accretionary prisms. The range and depth of coverage benefit the reader both in the scientific and the practical aspects. The latter are addressed to researchers dealing with the structural and thermal history of petroleum systems, as well as to oil company managers, who may utilize the assembled information to assess the risks related to oil and gas exploration. In this way, scientific results of long-term projects established by oil and gas companies are going back to their founders.

The plan of the book originated with a project called “Systematics of Hydrocarbon Exploration and...


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