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Curie Point Depth Investigation of Central Anatolia, Turkey

  • Abdullah AtesEmail author
  • Funda Bilim
  • Aydin Buyuksarac


The residual aeromagnetic total field intensity anomalies in central Anatolia were calculated from the regional aeromagnetic anomalies surveyed by the Mineral Research and Exploration (MTA) of Turkey. The residual aeromagnetic data were analyzed to produce Curie point estimates by the method of OKUBO et al. (1985). The Curie point depth of central Anatolia varies from 7.9 km and 22.6 km. The shallowest Curie point depths were observed around the Cappadocia and Erciyes Volcanic complexes in central Anatolia. A good correlation was deduced between the Curie point depths and the heat-flow data measured previously, which is most certainly important for the geothermal resources of the region. The shallow Curie point depths also correlate well with the hot spring locations in central Anatolia.


Aeromagnetic anomaly power spectrum Curie point depth central Anatolia 


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  1. 1.Faculty of Engineering, Department of Geophysical EngineeringAnkara UniversityBesevlerTurkey

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