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Fermionic Fock Spaces and Quantum States for Causal Fermion Systems


It is shown for causal fermion systems describing Minkowski-type spacetimes that an interacting causal fermion system at time t gives rise to a distinguished state on the algebra generated by fermionic and bosonic field operators. The proof of positivity of the state is given, and representations are constructed.

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We would like to thank Claudio Dappiaggi, Jürg Fröhlich, Marco Oppio, Claudio Paganini, Moritz Reintjes and Jürgen Tolksdorf for helpful discussions. We are grateful to the referees for valuable feedback and suggestions. We would like to thank the “Universitätsstiftung Hans Vielberth” for support. N.K.’s research was also supported by the NSERC Grant RGPIN 105490-2018.

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