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Hartree–Fock Theory for Pseudorelativistic Atoms


We study the Hartree–Fock model for pseudorelativistic atoms, that is, atoms where the kinetic energy of the electrons is given by the pseudo-relativistic operator \(\sqrt{(|{\bf p}|c)^{2} + (mc^{2})^{2}} - mc^{2}\). We prove the existence of a Hartree–Fock minimizer, and prove regularity away from the nucleus and pointwise exponential decay of the corresponding orbitals.

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Correspondence to Thomas Østergaard Sørensen.

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Submitted: August 1, 2007. Accepted: November 8, 2007.

Communicated by Rafael D. Benguria.

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Dall’Acqua, A., Sørensen, T.Ø. & Stockmeyer, E. Hartree–Fock Theory for Pseudorelativistic Atoms. Ann. Henri Poincaré 9, 711–742 (2008).

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  • Density Matrix
  • Essential Spectrum
  • Integral Kernel
  • Modern Mathematical Physic
  • Schmidt Operator