Extreme Cases of Limit Operator Theory on Metric Spaces

  • Jiawen ZhangEmail author
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The theory of limit operators was developed by Rabinovich, Roch and Silbermann to study the Fredholmness of band-dominated operators on \(\ell ^p(\mathbb {Z}^N)\) for \(p \in \{0\} \cup [1,\infty ]\), and recently generalised to discrete metric spaces with Property A by Špakula and Willett for \(p \in (1,\infty )\). In this paper, we study the remaining extreme cases of \(p \in \{0,1,\infty \}\) (in the metric setting) to fill the gaps.


Band-dominated operators Limit operators Property A 

Mathematics Subject Classification

47A53 30Lxx 46L85 47B36 



First, I would like to thank Kang Li for suggesting this topic and some early discussions. I am also grateful to Ján Špakula, Baojie Jiang and Benyin Fu for several illuminating discussions and comments after reading some early drafts of this paper. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Graham Niblo and Nick Wright for continuous support. Finally, I would like to thank the anonymous referee for several helpful suggestions.


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