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Table 2 Clinical studies/trials in which melatonin was tested as a treatment for SARS-CoV-2 infection

From: Melatonin: highlighting its use as a potential treatment for SARS-CoV-2 infection

Reference Study type Number of patients Total dose of melatonin Outcomes
Castillo et al
Retrospective case 20 Oral, 36–72 mg (4 doses) ↓Need for mechanical ventilation
↓Duration of hospitalization
Farnoosh et al. [96] Randomized double-blind 44 9 mg (3 doses) ↓Pulmonary symptoms
↓Duration of hospitalization
Hassan et al. [103] Randomized prospective 158 10 mg ↓Sepsis
↓Microvascular coagulation
Mousavi et al. [104] Randomized prospective 96 3 mg ↑Blood oxygen
↑Sleep time
Alizadeh et al. [105] Randomized prospective 31 6 mg ↓COVID symptoms
Ramlall et al. [4] Retrospective 13, 394 Different doses ↓Need for intubation
↑Outcome for those intubated
  1. The studies varied widely in terms of melatonin dosage and endpoints measured. Each of the reports suggest melatonin has efficacy in improving the outcome of the infected patients. The readers are urged to consult the original publications for further details
  2. *CRP C-reactive protein