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Albert Einstein’s Magic Mountain: An Aarau Education*

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For economic reasons, the electrotechnical factory J. Einstein & Cie. (co-owned by Albert Einstein’s father Hermann) had to be closed in the summer of 1894. While Albert’s parents emigrated to Italy to build a new existence, he remained in Munich to complete his studies at the Gymnasium. Left behind, however, he had a difficult time with what he considered the rigid educational practices at the Munich Luitpold-Gymnasium and quit without a diploma. The present article discusses Einstein’s richly winding path to the Aargau Cantonal School (Switzerland), especially its history and educational philosophy during the time of his stay in Aarau. There, Einstein met some outstanding teachers, who could serve him as models of scholars and human beings. In spite of Einstein’s distinct independence of mind, these personalities may well have had a significant influence on the alignment of his inner compass.


Albert Einstein Swiss Federal Polytechnical School (ETH Zurich) Luitpold-Gymnasium Aargau Cantonal School educational philosophy August Tuchschmid Friedrich Mühlberg Heinrich Ganter Jost Winteler 

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