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AdA:The First Electron-Positron Collider

  • Carlo BernardiniEmail author
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I review the origin of AdA, the first electron-positron collider at Frascati, Italy, in the early 1960s. I describe the problems that were tackled to produce the positron beam, the vacuum, and the injection system that were necessary to observe the electron-positron beam-beam collisions. Accidents and incidents occurred, such as the unpredicted “Touschek effect,” and were surmounted. I discuss the roles of the physicists involved in this work and the state of physics at the time, and I sketch subsequent work on larger collider rings. My recollections are based on the original literature and unpublished documents, photographs, and drawings.

Edoardo Amaldi Fernando Amman Gilberto Bernardini Henri Bruck Gianfranco Corazza Giorgio Ghigo Jacques Haïssinski Pierre Marin Enrico Persico Giorgio Salvini Albert Silverman Bruno Touschek Cerenkov counter Frascati National Laboratories Orsay Laboratory Touschek effect electron synchrotron electron linac electron-positron collider electron-positron storage ring beam luminosity beam lifetime 


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