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Type A Hecke algebras and related algebras

  • K.  ErdmannEmail author
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Let \( {\cal H}_{q}(r) \) be the Hecke algebra of the symmetric group \( {\cal S}_r \) over a field K of characteristic \( p \geq 0 \) and \( q \in K \) a primitive \( \ell \) -th root of one in K. We show that an \( {\cal H}_{q}(r) \) -module is projective if and only if its restrictions to any \( \ell - p \) -parabolic subalgebra of \( {\cal H}_{q}(r) \) is projective. Moreover, we give a new construction of blocks of \( \ell \) -parabolic subalgebras, in terms of skew group algebras over local commutative algebras.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000):

16G10 16S80 16G20. 


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