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, Volume 82, Issue 5, pp 449–467 | Cite as

Annular capillary surfaces

  • A. ElcratEmail author
  • T.-E. Kim
  • R. Treinen
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The meniscus in a symmetric annular capillary tube is investigated. The contact angles on the inner and outer tube surface need not be the same. Existence and qualitative properties of solutions are obtained using an iteration similar to that used by Johnson and Perko in the case of a circular capillary tube. If the contact angles have the same sign ideas of Siegel are used to give asymptotic estimates using circular arcs as comparison curves.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000):

76B45 49Q10 35J60 35J65. 


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  1. 1.Department of Mathematics and StatisticsWichita State UniversityWichitaUSA

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