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A relatively finite-to-finite universal but not Q-universal quasivariety


It was proved by the authors that the quasivariety of quasi-Stone algebras \(\mathbf {Q}_{\mathbf {1,2}}\) is finite-to-finite universal relative to the quasivariety \(\mathbf {Q}_{\mathbf {2,1}}\) contained in \(\mathbf {Q}_{\mathbf {1,2}}\). In this paper, we prove that \(\mathbf {Q}_{\mathbf {1,2}}\) is not Q-universal. This provides a positive answer to the following long standing open question: Is there a quasivariety that is relatively finite-to-finite universal but is not Q-universal?

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We thank Bill Sands for his correspondence with us related to the results presented here. We also thank Sara-Kaja Fischer whose thesis [7] helped us to refresh our interest in quasi-Stone algebras.

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Correspondence to M. E. Adams.

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Communicated by Presented by E. W. H. Lee.

To the memory of Jaroslav Ježek.

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The results of this paper were presented by the second author to the audience of the Maltsev Meeting held in August 19–23, 2019, Novosibirsk (Russia)

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