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Algebras from congruences


We present a functorial construction which, starting from a congruence \(\alpha \) of finite index in an algebra \(\mathbf {A}\), yields a new algebra \(\mathbf {C}\) with the following properties: the congruence lattice of \(\mathbf {C}\) is isomorphic to the interval of congruences between 0 and \(\alpha \) on \(\mathbf {A}\), this isomorphism preserves higher commutators and TCT types, and \(\mathbf {C}\) inherits all idempotent Maltsev conditions from \(\mathbf {A}\). As applications of this construction, we first show that supernilpotence is decidable for congruences of finite algebras in varieties that omit type \(\mathbf {1}\). Secondly, we prove that the subpower membership problem for finite algebras with a cube term can be effectively reduced to membership questions in subdirect products of subdirectly irreducible algebras with central monoliths. As a consequence, we obtain a polynomial time algorithm for the subpower membership problem for finite algebras with a cube term in which the monolith of every subdirectly irreducible section has a supernilpotent centralizer.

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We thank the referees for their constructive comments, especially for bringing to our attention a few additional results in the literature that are related to this paper.

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