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Equational theories of upper triangular tropical matrix semigroups


Let \(\mathbb {S}\) be the commutative and idempotent semiring with additive identity \(\mathbf {0}\) and multiplicative identity \(\mathbf {1}\). The tropical semiring \(\mathbb {T}\) and the Boolean semiring \(\mathbb {B}\) are common important examples of such semirings. Let \(UT_{n}(\mathbb {S})\) be the semigroup of all \(n\times n\) upper triangular matrices over \(\mathbb {S}\), both \(UT^{\pm }_n(\mathbb {S})\) and \(UT^{+}_n(\mathbb {S})\) be subsemigroups of \(UT_n(\mathbb {S})\) with \(\mathbf {0}\) and/or \(\mathbf {1}\) on the main diagonal, and \(\mathbf {1}\) on the main diagonal respectively. It is known that \(UT_{2}(\mathbb {T})\) is non-finitely based and \(UT^{\pm }_{2}(\mathbb {S})\) is finitely based. Combining these results, the finite basis problems for \(UT_{n}(\mathbb {T})\) and \(UT^{\pm }_{n}(\mathbb {S})\) with \(n=2, 3\) both as semigroups and involution semigroups under the skew transposition are solved. It is well known that the semigroups \(UT^{+}_n(\mathbb {S})\) and \(UT^{+}_n(\mathbb {B})\) are equationally equivalent. In this paper, we show that the involution semigroups \(UT^{+}_n(\mathbb {S})\) and \(UT^{+}_n(\mathbb {B})\) under the skew transposition are not equationally equivalent. Nevertheless, the finite basis problems for involution semigroups \(UT_n^{+}(\mathbb {S})\) and \(UT_n^{+}(\mathbb {B})\) share the same solution, that is, the involution semigroup \(UT_n^{+}(\mathbb {S})\) is finitely based if and only if \(n=2\).

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The authors are very grateful to the anonymous referee whose meticulous reading and insightful suggestions led to improvements in readability and simplification and generalization of some arguments in the paper.

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