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On difunctionality of class relations


For a given variety \({\mathcal {V}}\) of algebras, we define a class relation to be a binary relation \(R\subseteq S^2\) which is of the form \(R=S^2\cap K\) for some congruence class K on \(A^2\), where A is an algebra in \( {\mathcal {V}}\) such that \(S\subseteq A\). In this paper we study the following property of \({\mathcal {V}}\): every reflexive class relation is an equivalence relation. In particular, we obtain equivalent characterizations of this property analogous to well-known equivalent characterizations of congruence-permutable varieties. This property determines a Mal’tsev condition on the variety and in a suitable sense, it is a join of Chajda’s egg-box property as well as Duda’s direct decomposability of congruence classes.

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We would like to thank the anonymous referees as well as Heinz-Peter Gumm, for their useful remarks on earlier versions of this paper.

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