Counting Ω-ideals


Let \({\mathbb{A}}\) be a universal algebra of signature Ω, and let \({\mathcal{I}}\) be an ideal in the Boolean algebra \({\mathcal{P}_{\mathbb{A}}}\) of all subsets of \({\mathbb{A}}\) . We say that \({\mathcal{I}}\) is an Ω-ideal if \({\mathcal{I}}\) contains all finite subsets of \({\mathbb{A}}\) and \({f(A^{n}) \in \mathcal{I}}\) for every n-ary operation \({f \in \Omega}\) and every \({A \in \mathcal{I}}\) . We prove that there are \({2^{2^{\aleph_0}}}\) Ω-ideals in \({\mathcal{P}_{\mathbb{A}}}\) provided that \({\mathbb{A}}\) is countably infinite and Ω is countable.

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