Inhibition of 5-lipoxygenase activity by the natural anti-inflammatory compound aethiopinone


Objetive and Design: We have investigated the mechanisms of action of aethiopinone, an anti-inflammatory compound from Salvia aethiopis L. roots.¶Material and Subjects: Human neutrophils from healthy volunteers and murine peritoneal macrophages. Swiss mice were randomly divided into groups of six animals.¶Treatment: Test compounds were applied topically in the mouse ear oedema test. In the air pouch, mice received aethiopinone (0.001-0.5 μmol/pouch or 12.5-50 mg/kg p.o.).¶Methods: LTB4 production was assayed in human neutrophils and COX-2 and iNOS activities in murine macrophages. Air pouches were induced subcutaneously in mice and injected with zymosan on the day six. Mouse ear oedema was induced by arachidonic acid. Dunnett's t-test was employed for statistical analysis.¶Results: We have observed potent inhibitory effects on human neutrophil LTB4 production without effects on COX or NOS activities. Aethiopinone is an in vitro inhibitor of 5-LO from human neutrophils (IC50 = 0.11 μM). In addition, aethiopinone reduced leukocyte accumulation and showed in vivo inhibitory activity on this enzyme.¶Conclusions: Our results indicate that inhibition of 5-LO could participate in the anti-inflammatory properties of this natural product.¶

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Received 7 April 2000; returned for revision 20 May 2000; accepted by M.J. Parnham 9 October 2000

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Benrezzouk, R., Terencio, M., Ferrandiz, M. et al. Inhibition of 5-lipoxygenase activity by the natural anti-inflammatory compound aethiopinone. Inflamm. res. 50, 96–101 (2001).

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  • Key words: Aethiopinone; 5-lipoxygenase; Air pouch; Ear oedema.