Modulation of early functional recovery of Achilles tendon to bone unit after transection by BPC 157 and methylprednisolone


Objective and design:

In the presented study we compared the effect of stable peptide BPC 157 and methylprednisolone on early functional recovery after Achilles tendon to bone transection in a rat model before collagen healing started.

Material and methods:

Surgical transection of the right Achilles tendon to bone area was performed in seventy two Wistar Albino male rats. Healing Achilles tendon edges were harvested at days 1–4 following the transection. Using Achilles functional index (AFI), myeloperoxidase activity, histological inflammatory cell influx and vascular index early functional recovery was evaluated.


Agents (stable peptide BPC 157 10μg methylprednisolone 5 mg, normal saline 5 ml) were given alone (/kg b.w., intraperitoneally, once daily, first 30 min after surgery, last 24 h before analysis). Control group received normal saline 5 ml/kg.


BPC 157 improved functional recovery (AFI values increased at all time points, p <0.05) by anti-inflammatory (decreased myeloperoxidase (MPO) activity and histological inflammatory cell influx, p <0.05) and increased new blood vessel formation (increased vascular index, p <0.05). Methyprednisolone decreased MPO activity and histological inflammatory cell influx, (p <0.05) but also decreased new blood vessel formation and did not affect early functional recovery.


Stable peptide BPC 157 with combined anti-inflammatory action and induction of early new blood vessel formation facilitates early functional recovery in Achilles tendon to bone healing.

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nitric oxide






N-nitro-L arginine methylester


haematoxylin and eosin

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Received 26 March 2007; returned for revision 7 May 2007; received from final revision 17 September 2007; accepted by J. Di Battista 18 December 2007

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  • Tendon to bone healing
  • Stable peptide BPC 157
  • Corticosteroid healing supression
  • Inflammatory models