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C4p-frame of complete multipartite multigraphs



For two graphs G and H their wreath product\({G \otimes H}\) has the vertex set \({V(G) \times V(H)}\) in which two vertices (g1, h1) and (g2, h2) are adjacent whenever \({g_{1}g_{2} \in E(G)}\) or g1g2 and \({h_{1}h_{2} \in E(H)}\) . Clearly \({K_{m} \otimes I_{n}}\) , where In is an independent set on n vertices, is isomorphic to the complete m-partite graph in which each partite set has exactly n vertices. A subgraph of the complete multipartite graph \({K_m \otimes I_n}\) containing vertices of all but one partite set is called partial factor. An H-frame of \({K_m \otimes I_n}\) is a decomposition of \({K_m \otimes I_n}\) into partial factors such that each component of it is isomorphic to H. In this paper, we investigate C2k-frames of \({(K_m \otimes I_n)(\lambda)}\) , and give some necessary or sufficient conditions for such a frame to exist. In particular, we give a complete solution for the existence of a C4p-frame of \({(K_m \otimes I_n)(\lambda)}\) , where p is a prime, as follows: For an integer m ≥  3 and a prime p, there exists a C4p-frame of \({(K_m \otimes I_n)(\lambda)}\) if and only if \({(m-1)n \equiv 0 ({\rm {mod}} {4p})}\) and at least one of m, n must be even, when λ is odd.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2010)

05C70 05C51 05B30 


Decomposition factorization frame 


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