Extension of Hardy–Littlewood–Sobolev Inequalities for Riesz Potentials on Hypergroups


We establish in this paper the Hardy–Littlewood–Sobolev inequalities for the Riesz potentials on Morrey spaces over commutative hypergroups. As a consequence, we are also able to get Olsen-type inequality on the same spaces. Here, the condition of upper Ahlfors n-regular by identity is assumed to obtain the inequalities.

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We are indebted to the referees for their useful comments on the earlier version of this paper. The first and second authors are supported by Directorate General of Higher Education, Grant/Award Number: P/1721/IJN23T4PN/2019. The third author is supported by P3MI-ITB Program 2020.

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  • Ahlfors condition
  • Riesz potential
  • Morrey spaces
  • commutative hypergroup
  • Olsen inequality

Mathematics Subject Classification

  • 42B20
  • 26A33
  • 47B38
  • 47G10