Waring Rank of Symmetric Tensors, and Singularities of Some Projective Hypersurfaces


We show that if a homogeneous polynomial f in n variables has Waring rank \(n+1\), then the corresponding projective hypersurface \(f=0\) has at most isolated singularities, and the type of these singularities is completely determined by the combinatorics of a hyperplane arrangement naturally associated with the Waring decomposition of f. We also discuss the relation between the Waring rank and the type of singularities on a plane curve, when this curve is defined by the suspension of a binary form, or when the Waring rank is 5.

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  • Waring decomposition
  • Waring rank
  • Projective hypersurface
  • Isolated singularity
  • Hyperplane arrangement

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