s-Golden Manifolds

  • Beldjilali GhericiEmail author


In this paper, we introduce a new class of almost Golden Riemannian manifolds and we construct a concrete example. Then, we are particularly interested in two more special types where we will study their fundamental properties and we present many examples which justify their study.


Almost Golden structure integrability \({\mathcal {G}}\)-Golden manifold 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 57N16 Secondary 53C15 53C25 



The author would like to thank the referees for their helpful suggestions and their valuable comments which helped to improve the manuscript. He also would like to thank Dr. Mehmet Akif AKYOL and Dr. Inan UNAL for very useful discussions and for their hospitality during his visit in June 2017 to Manisa, Turkey.


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  1. 1.Laboratory of Quantum Physics and Mathematical Modeling (LPQ3M)University of MascaraMascaraAlgeria

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