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Sedeonic Field Equations for Dyons

  • Published:
Advances in Applied Clifford Algebras Aims and scope Submit manuscript


We discuss the theoretical description of dyons having simultaneously both electric and magnetic charges on the basis of space-time algebra of 16-component sedeons. We show that the generalized sedeonic equations for electromagnetic field of dyons can be reformulated in equivalent canonical form as the equations for redefined field potentials, field strengths and sources. The relations for energy and momentum as well as the relations for Lorentz invariants of dyonic electromagnetic field are derived. Additionally, we discuss the sedeonic second-order and first-order wave equations describing the quantum behavior of dyons in an external dyonic electromagnetic field.

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The authors are very thankful to Galina Mironova for the assistance and moral support. Special thanks to Prof. Murat Tanişli (Anadolu University, Eskişehir, Turkey) for the stimulating discussion on this topic. We also thank the reviewers for their valuable comments.

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Correspondence to Victor L. Mironov.

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Communicated by Vladislav Kravchenko.

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