Motor Parameterization

  • Lars TingelstadEmail author
  • Olav Egeland
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In this paper, we consider several parameterizations of rigid transformations using motors in 3-D conformal geometric algebra. In particular, we present parameterizations based on the exponential, outer exponential, and Cayley maps of bivectors, as well as a map based on a first-order approximation of the exponential followed by orthogonal projection onto the group manifold. We relate these parameterizations to the matrix representations of rigid transformations in the 3-D special Euclidean group. Moreover, we present how these maps can be used to form retraction maps for use in manifold optimization; retractions being approximations of the exponential map that preserve the convergence properties of the optimization method while being less computationally expensive, and, for the presented maps, also easier to implement.


Motion parameterization Exponential map Outer exponential map Cayley map Retractions 

Mathematics Subject Classification

Primary 99Z99 Secondary 00A00 


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