Generalizations of Schwarzschild and (Anti) de Sitter Metrics in Clifford Spaces


After a very brief introduction to generalized gravity in Clifford spaces (C-spaces), generalized metric solutions to the C-space gravitational field equations are found, and inspired from the (Anti) de Sitter metric solutions to Einstein’s field equations with a cosmological constant in ordinary spacetimes. C-space analogs of static spherically symmetric metrics solutions are constructed. Concluding remarks are devoted to a thorough discussion about Areal metrics, Kawaguchi–Finsler Geometry, Strings, and plausible novel physical implications of C-space Relativity theory.

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Dedicated to the loving memory of Don Guillermo Zambrano Lozano, a maverick and visionary entrepreneur from Monterrey, Mexico.

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  • Extended relativity in Clifford spaces
  • Gravity
  • Strings
  • Area metrics
  • Kawaguchi–Finsler geometry