The Relationship Between Architecture and Mathematics in the Pantheon


An examination of the latest Pantheon studies illustrates the newest theories of relationships between architecture and mathematics in Rome’s most celebrated building. This paper was presented at the Nexus 2000 conference on architecture and mathematics, 4–7 June 2000, Ferrara, Italy. Many studies on the Pantheon are carried out far from Rome and so ideas on the monument cannot be checked easily or frequently. For this reason, a group of architects and archaeologists are working in Rome, trying to resolve some seemingly banal but still unanswered questions. For instance, one question that is often asked is: Could the inside of the Pantheon have been an astronomical observatory?

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Martines, G. The Relationship Between Architecture and Mathematics in the Pantheon. Nexus Netw J 2, 57–62 (2000).

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  • Giangiacomo Martines
  • Pantheon Rome
  • gnomonics in architecture
  • sundial construction