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The Parigi Mechanism: A Novel 1-DOF Mechanism and Its Application as a Kinetic Reciprocal System (KRS) Adaptive Facade


The Parigi mechanism, invented by the author, is described and defined rigorously with the use of the kinetic reciprocal system (KRS) algorithm. The mechanism possesses one degree of freedom (DOF) and consists of a network of elements reciprocally connected with pin-slot joints. The network can be extended infinitely and retain one DOF, regardless of the number of elements added. The principle of the KRS algorithm is presented, and the inputs required to generate the Parigi mechanism are described. A KRS adaptive facade based on the Parigi mechanism is proposed. Since the mechanism possesses one DOF, a single actuator can actuate it. Therefore, a facade based on this mechanism can be engineered with a reduced mechanical complexity, while allowing the control of building physics performance (daylight illumination, solar gain, ventilation, acoustics), as well as quantifiable (privacy, view) and unquantifiable (composition, aesthetic sense of the movement) architectural parameters.

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The images in Figs. 10 and 11 are based on the design submitted by the author to the international design competition “Sky Forest City” awarded third prize in December 2016 in Chongqing.

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