Sound–Sights An Interdisciplinary Project


An interdisciplinary project between geometry, architecture and music resulted in a concert and exhibition with sound installations. Professors and students of architecture and mathematics of the Technical University of Kaiserslautern worked with a professor and students of music composition of the Music Academy of Cologne in Germany. The theoretical and historical analyses of the relationships between geometry and music formed the basis for original creative works in interdisciplinary groups. Music was composed according geometrical-architectural concepts and geometrical images, forms and processes were developed after musical ideas. Geometrical forms are combined with the music into a kinetic, visual and acoustic work of art. Through such interdisciplinary art projects it is possible to experience scientific coherence in a sensual way. The combination of geometry, architecture and music enables a visual and aural approach to formal thinking of sciences.

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  • architecture and music
  • Pythagorean Harmony
  • music theory
  • architectural design theory
  • transformational geometry
  • geometrical interpretation of musical motives
  • symmetry concepts
  • Iannis Xenakis