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A tilting disc valve — component materials and hydraulic function


The component materials used in fabrication of the Chitra heart valve, their choice and screening are described. Further the haemodynamic performance of this valve, which is under development and an equal sized No. 27 Bjork-Shiley valve prosthesis was compared in a left-heart pulse duplicator under similar conditions of flow rates and pressures. They were tested in both the aortic and mitral positions of the duplicator. Regurgitant volumes and transvalvular pressure gradients were measured over flow rates ranging from 2 to 8 LPM. Flow patterns of the fluid flow across the valves were also photographed. The results indicate that the performance of the indigeneous valve is comparable, if not marginally better, to that of the well-established Bjork-Shiley valve. Transvalvular gradients and regurgitant volumes were marginally lower for the Chitra valve. This is attributed to the improved design of the valve disc shape.

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  • Heart valve
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