Localization of spherical fruits for robotic harvesting


The orange picking robot (OPR) is a project for developing a robot that is able to harvest oranges automatically. One of the key tasks in this robotic application is to identify the fruit and to measure its location in three dimensions. This should be performed using image processing techniques which must be sufficiently robust to cope with variations in lighting conditions and a changing environment. This paper describes the image processing system developed so far to guide automatic harvesting of oranges, which here has been integrated in the first complete full-scale prototype OPR.

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Received: 16 April 2000 / Accepted: 19 December 2000

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Plebe, A., Grasso, G. Localization of spherical fruits for robotic harvesting. Machine Vision and Applications 13, 70–79 (2001). https://doi.org/10.1007/PL00013271

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  • Key words: Fruit harvesting – Color clustering – Stereo matching – Visual tracking