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Introduction: Plant–herbivore interactions

Interactions between plants and their herbivores
  • N. Ohsaki
Special feature


This special feature resulted from a symposium entitled "Interactions Between Plants and Their Herbivores," held during the Meeting of the Society of Population Ecology in Ohmi-Shirahama, Shiga, Japan, in October 1999 (Chairperson of Symposium: Professor Emeritus E. Kuno of Kyoto University). This theme emerged from discussions by the organizing committee for this symposium: N. Yamamura, J. Takabayashi, T. Nishida, and N. Ohsaki. Professor Mark D. Rausher of Duke University was invited as a special lecturer. In this series of reports, five of the seven participants illustrate the variation found in plant–herbivore interactions and address some problems inherent in current theory.

Key words Hostile interactions Arms race Reciprocal interactions Coevolution Three trophic levels 

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  • N. Ohsaki
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