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Critical 1- and 2-point spin correlations for the O(2) model in 3d bounded domains

A preprint version of the article is available at arXiv.


We study the critical properties of the 3d O(2) universality class in bounded domains through Monte Carlo simulations of the clock model. We use an improved version of the latter, chosen to minimize finite-size corrections at criticality, with 8 orientations of the spins and in the presence of vacancies. The domain chosen for the simulations is the slab configuration with fixed spins at the boundaries. We obtain the universal critical magnetization profile and two-point correlations, which favorably compare with the predictions of the critical geometry approach based on the Yamabe equation. The main result is that the correlations, once the dimensionful contributions are factored out with the critical magnetization profile, are shown to depend only on the distance between the points computed using a metric found solving the corresponding fractional Yamabe equation. The quantitative comparison with the corresponding results for the Ising model at criticality is shown and discussed. Moreover, from the magnetization profiles the critical exponent η is extracted and found to be in reasonable agreement with up-to-date results.


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