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\( {\Lambda}_c^{+} \) polarimetry using the dominant hadronic mode

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Journal of High Energy Physics Aims and scope Submit manuscript

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The polarimeter vector field for multibody decays of a spin-half baryon is introduced as a generalisation of the baryon asymmetry parameters. Using a recent amplitude analysis of the \( {\Lambda}_c^{+} \)pKπ+ decay performed at the LHCb experiment, we compute the distribution of the kinematic-dependent polarimeter vector for this process in the space of Mandelstam variables to express the polarised decay rate in a model-agnostic form. The obtained representation can facilitate polarisation measurements of the \( {\Lambda}_c^{+} \) baryon and eases inclusion of the \( {\Lambda}_c^{+} \) → pKπ+ decay mode in hadronic amplitude analyses.

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