Off-diagonal terms in Yukawa textures of the Type-III 2-Higgs doublet model and light charged Higgs boson phenomenology


We discuss flavor-violating constraints and consequently possible charged Higgs boson phenomenology emerging from a four-zero Yukawa texture embedded within the Type-III 2-Higgs Doublet Model (2HDM-III). Firstly, we show in detail how we can obtain several kinds of 2HDMs when some parameters in the Yukawa texture are absent. Secondly, we present a comprehensive study of the main B-physics constraints on such parameters induced by flavor-changing processes, in particular on the off-diagonal terms of such a texture: i.e., from μe universality in τ decays, several leptonic B-decays (Bτ ν, Dμν and D s ), the semi-leptonic transition BDτν, plus BX s γ, including B 0\( \overline{B} \) 0 mixing, B s μ + μ and the radiative decay Zb \( \overline{b} \). Thirdly, having selected the surviving 2HDM-III parameter space, we show that the H c \( \overline{b} \) coupling can be very large over sizable expanses of it, in fact, a very different situation with respect to 2HDMs with a flavor discrete symmetry (i.e., \( \mathcal{Z} \) 2) and very similar to the case of the Aligned-2HDM (A2HDM) as well as of models with three or more Higgs doublets. Fourthly, we study in detail the ensuing H ± phenomenology at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), chiefly the c \( \overline{b} \)H + production mode and the H +c \( \overline{b} \) decay channel while assuming τ + ν τ decays in the former and tbH + production in the latter, showing that significant scope exists in both cases.

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