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Measurement of CP observables in B±DK± and B±± with D\( {K}_{\mathrm{S}}^0{K}^{\pm }{\pi}^{\mp } \) decays

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Measurements of CP observables in B±DK± and B±± decays are presented, where D represents a superposition of D0 and \( {\overline{D}}^0 \) states. The D meson is reconstructed in the three-body final states \( {K}_{\mathrm{S}}^0{K}^{\pm }{\pi}^{\mp } \) and \( {K}_{\mathrm{S}}^0{K}^{\mp }{\pi}^{\pm } \). The analysis uses samples of B mesons produced in proton-proton collisions, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 1.0, 2.0, and 6.0 fb1 collected with the LHCb detector at centre-of-mass energies of \( \sqrt{s} \) = 7, 8, and 13 TeV, respectively. These measurements are the most precise to date, and provide important input for the determination of the CKM angle γ.


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