One-loop QCD contributions to differential cross-sections for Higgs production at N3LO

  • Charalampos AnastasiouEmail author
  • Caterina Specchia
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We present one-loop contributions to the fully differential Higgs boson gluon-fusion cross-section for Higgs production via gluon fusion. Our results constitute a necessary ingredient of a complete N3LO determination of the cross-section. We perform our computation using a subtraction method for the treatment of soft and collinear singularities. We identify the infrared divergent parts in terms of universal splitting and eikonal functions, and demonstrate how phase-space integrations yield poles (up to 1/ε6) in the dimensional regulator ε = (4 − d)/2. We compute the coefficients of the ε expansion, including the finite part numerically. As a demonstration of our numerical implementation, we present the corrections at N3LO due to one-loop amplitudes in the rapidity and transverse momentum of the Higgs boson.


NLO Computations QCD Phenomenology 


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