de Sitter branes in a flat bulk of massive gravity


We construct de Sitter branes in a flat bulk of massive gravity in 5D. We find two branches of solutions, reminiscent of the normal and self-accelerating branches in DGP, but with rather different properties. Neither branch has a self-accelerating limit: the background geometry requires having a nonvanishing tension. On the other hand, on both branches there are sub-branches where the leading order contributions of the tension to the curvature cancel. In these cases it turns out that larger tensions curve the background less. Further, both branches support a localized 4D massless graviton for a special choice of bulk mass terms. This choice may be protected by enhanced gauge symmetry. Finally, we generalize the solutions to the case of bigravity in a flat 5D bulk.

A preprint version of the article is available at ArXiv.


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