Towards a full solution of the large N double-scaled SYK model

  • Micha Berkooz
  • Mikhail Isachenkov
  • Vladimir NarovlanskyEmail author
  • Genis Torrents
Open Access
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


We compute the exact, all energy scale, 4-point function of the large N doublescaled SYK model, by using only combinatorial tools and relating the correlation functions to sums over chord diagrams. We apply the result to obtain corrections to the maximal Lyapunov exponent at low temperatures. We present the rules for the non-perturbative diagrammatic description of correlation functions of the entire model. The latter indicate that the model can be solved by a reduction of a quantum deformation of SL(2), that generalizes the Schwarzian to the complete range of energies.


Holography and condensed matter physics (AdS/CMT) Matrix Models Quantum Groups Random Systems 


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  • Mikhail Isachenkov
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