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Emergent quantum near-criticality from baryonic black branes

  • Published:
Journal of High Energy Physics Aims and scope Submit manuscript


We find new black 3-brane solutions describing the “conifold gauge theory” at nonzero temperature and baryonic chemical potential. Of particular interest is the lowtemperature limit where we find a new kind of weakly curved near-horizon geometry; it is a warped product \(AdS_{2} \times \mathbb{R}^{3} \times T^{1,1} \) with warp factors that are powers of the logarithm of the AdS radius. Thus, our solution encodes a new type of emergent quantum near-criticality. We carry out some stability checks for our solutions. We also set up a consistent ansatz for baryonic black 2-branes of M-theory that are asymptotic to AdS 4 × Q 1,1,1.

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