BMS group at spatial infinity: the Hamiltonian (ADM) approach

  • Marc Henneaux
  • Cédric Troessaert
Open Access
Regular Article - Theoretical Physics


New boundary conditions for asymptotically flat spacetimes are given at spatial infinity. These boundary conditions are invariant under the BMS group, which acts non trivially. The boundary conditions fulfill all standard consistency requirements: (i) they make the symplectic form finite; (ii) they contain the Schwarzchild solution, the Kerr solution and their Poincaré transforms, (iii) they make the Hamiltonian generators of the asymptotic symmetries integrable and well-defined (finite). The boundary conditions differ from the ones given earlier in the literature in the choice of the parity conditions. It is this different choice of parity conditions that makes the action of the BMS group non trivial. Our approach is purely Hamiltonian and off-shell throughout.


Classical Theories of Gravity Global Symmetries Space-Time Symmetries 


Open Access

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  1. 1.Université Libre de Bruxelles and International Solvay InstitutesBrusselsBelgium
  2. 2.Collège de FranceParisFrance
  3. 3.Max-Planck-Institut für Gravitationsphysik (Albert-Einstein-Institut)PotsdamGermany

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