Scattering of compact oscillons


We study various aspects of the scattering of generalized compact oscillons in the signum-Gordon model in (1+1) dimensions. Using covariance of the model we construct traveling oscillons and study their interactions and the dependence of these interactions on the oscillons’ initial velocities and their relative phases. The scattering processes transform the two incoming oscillons into two outgoing ones and lead to the generation of extra oscillons which appear in the form of jet-like cascades. Such cascades vanish for some values of free parameters and the scattering processes, even though our model is non-integrable, resemble typical scattering processes normally observed for integrable or quasi-integrable models.

Occasionally, in the intermediate stage of the process, we have seen the emission of shock waves and we have noticed that, in general, outgoing oscillons have been more involved in their emission than the initial ones i.e. they have a border in the form of curved worldlines.

The results of our studies of the scattering of oscillons suggest that the radiation of the signum-Gordon model has a fractal-like nature.

A preprint version of the article is available at ArXiv.


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