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Global analysis of three-flavour neutrino oscillations: synergies and tensions in the determination of θ23, δCP, and the mass ordering

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We present the results of a global analysis of the neutrino oscillation data available as of fall 2018 in the framework of three massive mixed neutrinos with the goal at determining the ranges of allowed values for the six relevant parameters. We describe the complementarity and quantify the tensions among the results of the different data samples contributing to the determination of each parameter. We also show how those vary when combining our global likelihood with the χ2 map provided by Super-Kamiokande for their atmospheric neutrino data analysis in the same framework. The best fit of the analysis is for the normal mass ordering with inverted ordering being disfavoured with a Δχ2 = 4.7 (9.3) without (with) SK-atm. We find a preference for the second octant of θ23, disfavouring the first octant with Δχ2 = 4.4 (6.0) without (with) SK-atm. The best fit for the complex phase is δCP = 215° with CP conservation being allowed at Δχ2 = 1.5 (1.8). As a byproduct we quantify the correlated ranges for the laboratory observables sensitive to the absolute neutrino mass scale in beta decay, \( {m}_{\nu_e} \) , and neutrino-less double beta decay, mee, and the total mass of the neutrinos, Σ, which is most relevant in Cosmology.


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