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Sampling Theory and Isao Someya: A Historical Note


Shannon’s sampling theorem was published in 1949. In the same year, a book authored by Isao Someya was published in Japan in which the same theorem was derived along with many extensions and applications. This article provides a brief introduction to Dr. Someya and his work on the sampling theorem.

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The author is greatly thankful to Dr. Isao Someya for helping him in many ways to prepare this article, including accepting the interview, presenting a copy of his book, and showing his old photographs. Many thanks also go to Prof. Yoshinori Sakai, Prof. Masaru Kamada, and Ms. Keiko Suzuki for supplying biographical information about Dr. Isao Someya. The author owes his thanks to Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar, Prof. Akira Hirabayashi, and Prof. Shidong Li for their help in editing this article. Finally, my gratitude is extended to Prof. Abdul Jerri for affording me the opportunity to introduce Dr. Someya’s achievements.

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