Journal of Hydrodynamics

, Volume 18, Issue 1, pp 466–470 | Cite as

A dynamic model for cause of formation of Peru Current

  • Qing-hua Zhang
  • Hai-mei Fan
  • Yuan-yuan Qu
Session A8


The generation mechanism of Peru Current (PC) induced by Antarctic Circumpolar Current (ACC) near the eastern boundary of South Pacific is investigated by decomposing the ACC deformation into basic loop current and eastern boundary current (western boundary current) before (after) ACC flows through Drake strait. In order to simulate this dynamic process, starting from the linearly quasi-geostrophic vorticity equation, we formulate the boundary value problems of differential equation separately at the eastern boundary area and the western boundary area; and then give the solving process of the boundary value problems using corrected Fourier method; finally obtain the Perturbation solutions of the eastern and western boundary areas which include a same set of unknown parameters relating closely to the distribution of current velocity at Drake strait. In addition, the two-sided current of Drake strait should satisfy smooth and linked conditions at Drake strait, and these matching conditions determine this set of parameters. As a result, we present the complete solutions of the ACC deformation at Drake strait; consequently obtain the dynamic explanation for cause of formation of PC.

Key words

antarctic circumpolar current (ACC) Peru current corrected Fourier method 


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Copyright information

© China Ship Scientific Research Center 2006

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.State Oceanic AdministrationKey Lab. of Marine Science and Numerical ModelingQingdaoChina

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