Journal of Hydrodynamics

, Volume 18, Supplement 1, pp 118–122 | Cite as

Euler/Euler theory and application of fluid-particle two-phase jet

  • Ming-bo WangEmail author
  • Rui-he Wang
Session A2


High Pressure abrasive waterjet is a typical fluid-particle two-phase jet, it is widely used in many industries. In this paper, abrasive particle phase is treated as a continuum, both fluid phase and particle phase are handled in Eulerian framework, numerical simulation of submerged flow field outside a convergent nozzle is performed and the flow field characteristics are studied. Numerical results are compared with experimental results, and good agreements are achieved.

Key words

abrasive waterjet numerical simulation Particle Image Velocimetry finite volume method 


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© China Ship Scientific Research Center 2006

Authors and Affiliations

  1. 1.School of Petroleum EngineeringChina University of PetroleumDongyingChina

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