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Remembering Nat Schoenfeld

  • A. Charles Catania
In Memoriam


William Nathan Schoenfeld was born in New York City on December 6, 1915, and died in Sun City West, Arizona, on August 3, 1996. He was an undergraduate at the College of the City of New York, where he received a BS degree in 1937. He received his PhD from Columbia University in 1942 and then continued there as a faculty member, advancing from lecturer to full professor. In 1966 he moved to Queens College of the City University of New York, where he remained until his retirement in 1983. During his nyears at Queens, he also took on visiting appointments in Brazil, Mexico, and Venezuela. In retirement, he spent roughly a decade in Israel, where he occasionally taught as a visiting professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He returned to the United States for his final years. He is survived by his wife, Melanie, their three children, Rivka, Joshua and Naomi, and a son, Mark, from a previous marriage.


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